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Quick Auction Setup

Setting up new auction is easy:

  • make sure all steps from Installation section are done (WooCommerce installed, plugin enabled, cronjobs set)
  • go to Products => Add Products
  • add title, description, images, featured image, select category – all things you do when adding regular product
  • in Product Data dropdown menu select Auction
  • you will see new tab in left menu named Auction, see screenshot:
  • fill all details (inputs are self explainable)
  • set auction duration by setting start and end date
  • publish product (auction)

When you refresh your home page you should see new product with auction badge.


Advanced usage usually means setting up proxy bidding (auto bidding) and reverse auctions (for example you post a coding project and want to get lowest possible price for it). If you set reserve price for proxy auction, first proxy bid will be automatically raised to that (reserve price) value.

If you enabled “Sealed Bid” checkbox, you will not see “Current Bid” value but text message “This is sealed bid auction” and input form to enter your own bid value for sealed auction. When there are two bids of same value in sealed auction winner will be bidder that placed the bid first. Sealed auctions can be setup as reverse too, meaning lowest bid will be winning bid.

Quick overview of the auction workflow / process

You setup new auctions which are visible on your website. User bids on auction and is either outbidded or wins auction. User / customer now needs to pay for the auction won. There is no way to force user to pay for auction so you need to take that into consideration. Auctions that are sold (finished but not paid) and failed can be relisted (auto relist option called “relist if not paid after n hours”).

Order is created when winner clicks pay now button. If user does not click on pay now button order will not be created. Once order is created users will see it under My account -> Orders. Before order is created user will see auction on pages where you display my auctions shortcode with pay now button. All winners will also receive email notification pay for auction reminder (how often depends on cronjob setting for cron named mails). In that reminder to pay notification winner will receive pay now link. Along that administrator will receive email notification when auction is finished or failed with info who won auction or why auction failed.